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Superhero in the City

Starting in Paternoster Square on Thursday, 30th September at 6.30 pm, this is your chance to run 5km past some of London’s most iconic locations, in a Superhero outfit!

If YOU can raise (a minimum of) £150 for Cabaret vs Cancer will ...

  • Cover YOUR registration fee (you must use the form below)

  • Send YOU a Superhero cape, mask, running number, and a limited edition superhero medal

Some people have said there isn’t a better 5km route in the world! After you have walked, jogged, or run Superhero in the City, you may agree with them!

This iconic route starts at St Paul’s Cathedral. Then it goes over the Millennium Bridge, past the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre The Shard & Tower Bridge


You’ll return via the historic parts of the Southbank to complete a truly iconic route.

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